Since 2007 when I started the first project with "Y.A.S.I. & PROTECTOR Wrap” until now I continue to receive emails from people who love the world of Vectrex and have also appreciated this idea. I hesitated more than one time to restart the project, began as an experiment in 2005, until the end of 2011 when I realized that this fan community is unique, incredibly distributed all over the planet, exciting  and really passionate about retrogaming .For this reasons, although with a delay of about another year from when I decided to restart with vectrexwraps, I'm here to write and organize, new prints, new materials,new website but especially new versions of vectrexwraps ...

Halloween is near and the really nice project of “Death Chase / NOX” from J.Watt and C.Malcolm is running fast to be available to everyone really asap... and in the meaning, behind this new double cartridge, another nice work comes up to my mind; “Warrior” in development and distribution by G.Pelonis; i simply decide to full fill the waiting time with another little series of vectrexwraps i nominate “Vectrexwraps Halloween Limited Edition”.

The pre-order start today and go to be closed at the end of  the Halloween day - 31 of october. the numbers of prints will reflect the numbers of preordered wraps or at last a limited number for this first  limited edition.There are 3 different design, Death Chase, NOX and Warrior available in more pictures/details these days! ... but remember pre-order start now and end 31 of October  ^_^ trick or treat ?

Thanks to J.Watt, C.Malcolm, G.Pelonis  and C.Romero for the support in the development of this last  Vectrexwraps Dark Side Edition ^_^